Scientific Methodologies

1. Environmental / Clinical Testing



1. Methodology


Measurement of Uranium Concentrations in the Environment and in Urine

1.1 Summary of Methodology: The Decade of Depleted Uranium, Asaf Durakovic, Pat Horan, Leonard Dietz

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1.2 Determination of 238U 235U, 236U and Uranium Concentration in Urine using sficpms and mcicpms - An Interlaboratory Comparison, Gerdes et al. February 2006

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1.3 High precision urinary uranium isotopes analysis to assess depleted uranium exposure

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2. Clinical Testing


2.1 Methodology 


Calculated Dose Estimates

2.1.1 Estimate of Radiation Dose From a Depleted Uranium Oxide Particle, Leonard Dietz

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2.1.2 Dr Len Dietz Sets the Killing Rad Number, by Bob Nichols, March 2011

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2.1.3 Estimating the Lung Burden from Exposure to Aerosols of Depleted Uranium,

Radiation Protection Dosimetry. 134 (1): 23–29 - Valdés, Marcelo (2009)

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2. Clinical Testing


2.2 Methodology 


Genomic & Genetic Aberrations in Humans 


2.2.1 SKY/FISH Testing


2.2.2 DNA Sequencing 


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