Scientific Research



Medical Effects of Uranic and Transuranic Isotopes



We are researching the biological and medical effects of contamination by uranic and transuranic isotopes, especially the “low-level” ionizing radiation.


We perform two main types of testing, collaborate with other institutions publish our findings.





1. Scientific Testing


 (1) Environmental Testing


The scientific work includes the collection of environmental samples, such as water, soil and dust samples which are analysed with mass spectrometers.




 (2) Clinical Testing


Clinical testing includes the collection of biological specimens from symptomatic persons who have been exposed or contaminated. The purpose is to determine the biological and medical effects of such exposure and contamination.





2. Collaboration



We aim to promote the collaboration among the medical and scientific communities on the issue of low-level radiation exposure.



3. Publications



Results of such research is published in medical and scientific papers.



Mission Statement

“The Uranium Medical Research Institute (UMRI) is committed to the advancement of education for the public benefit on the effects of uranium and transuranic elements on humans and the biosphere by conducting and publishing independent, objective and expert scientific and medical research on the subject.”


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